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 Tips for Mums for a Safer More Enjoyable Day at the Seaside.


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 Tips for Mums for a Safer More Enjoyable Day at the Seaside.

Take plenty of drinks with you, as you will usually find that seaside shops are high priced.
Let the children be free to get sandy and make a mess as they explore without you having to worry about their clothes.  So either take old clothes, swimwear or buy one of the great towelling beach robes on our website.  These are specifically designed for the purpose. 

They will keep your child warm from the cool breezes, dry off and keep looking good, whilst they also offer good protection from the sun.
Use a bag that seals up.  This will prevent the sand getting in everywhere and will protect your sandwiches, sunglasses and cameras.

When looking for somewhere to sit on the sand, choose a position near some sort of feature or landmark.  This will help your child to know what to look for to find the way back to you should they wander off, during their play.

Buy disposable waterproof wristbands and write your mobile phone number on them.
Jellyfish can be a problem when at the seaside and they can be more prolific on some beaches than on others. Carry a spray bottle full of vinegar in your bag, as this will help relieve the sting if you are your little step on one of these creatures. 

A pair of plastic jelly sandals can also help avoid this happening.
If your little girl has long hair, you will find that you can avoid tangled hair by plaiting it with conditioner.
Even though your little one no longer needs to use muslin squares, don’t throw them away, as they are perfect to quickly wipe off sticky sand.

I often find that the public toilets are out of soap, so always carry a small container filled with liquid soap.  Combine this with an old plastic container filled with water and you will have facilities for hand washing on the beach before you tuck into your packed lunch. Hand gel is not as effective as it doesn’t remove the sandy bits, but it is still imperative for youngsters to be reminded about good hygiene when they are away from home.

Don’t forget to take a bucket and spade and lots of other sand toys like a Frisbee or ball to keep the kids occupied.

Go with a group as this will give you more time to relax, as more eyes on the lookout means more fun and freedom for all.  All you have to do now is to pray that the sun will continue to shine.