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Stripey Navy and Green Dressing Gown

Boys Age 2-3, 4-5 and 6-7 Years

Pirate like,to have a swashbuckling time before settling down for a snuggle before bed. This lightweight green and navy warm and fluffy boys dressing gown looks great on little boys of all ages and is available in sizes 2-3, 4-5 and 6-7 Years.

It is excellent value at only £12.99. Great for busy mothers as it being 100% polyester it washes well, dries really quickly and doesn't need ironing. Held in stock for immediate dispatch. Please pick size from the drop down boxes.

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Pirates/Stripes ??:

I don't know if any one has an answer for the pirate stripe connection. I know that sailors are known for wearing stripes and pirates were known for looting everything, even the seamens clothes, so perhaps that is it. This then poses another question and for me to wonder why sailors are known for wearing stripes and why nautical clothing revolves around the famous sailor stripes?

Apparently, the French navy were first to use the sailor stripe pattern for their sailors in 1858 so that they would easily be able to see the bright striped pattern if a man fell overboard, an idea also adopted by French fishermen for the same reason.

It is believed that fashion designer, Coco Chanel was responsible for sailor shirt enter the non-nautical fashion world in the early 1900's leading to the Breton stripe shirt becoming popular with celebrities and a fashion item around the world.

Despite many a landlubber donning this sailor stripe pattern, it strongly retains its connection to the sea and the stripe design is often worn in the summer, on the beach, whilst sailing and on seaside holidays. Have I got any nearer to answering the original question, I don't think so, but if you have any thoughts then just drop me an email.