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Peppa Pig George Green Dressing Gown

Peppa Pig George Pirate Green Age 1 - 2

This delightful green warm and fluffy character housecoat looks great on little boys of all ages. Lightweight, yet warm and absorbant, so can be used for the beach, after the bath or pool or our damp evenings!

We're sorry to say that stocks are now limited of this soft and cosy boys fluffy, fleece pirate dressing gown in emerald green with hood, tie belt and pockets with pirate George and scull and crossbones motifs. Only one sizes left 1 - 2 years

It is excellent value at only 12.99. Great for busy mothers as it washes well and doesn't need ironing. Held in stock for immediate dispatch. Please pick size from the drop down boxes.

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Peppa Pig: You will probably already know that Peppa Pig is a kids TV which is broadcasted on Channel 5 in the UK. The episodes are short and generally about five minutes long. The television program revolves around the personification of Peppa, a female pig, plus her friends and family and friends. Each of her friends is a different type of creature. They are all the same age and she has a younger brother George who has a mate called Richard is the same age as him. Each program has a habit of making a feature of their commonplace goings-on such as their attendance at playgroup, going swimming, riding bikes together, visiting their grandparents or going to the playground. What's so great about this program is that children warm to the characters readily as they live in houses and drive cars, like mum and dad and even wear clothes, yet keep some of the personalities of the animals on which they are centred. During their child like conversations, they also will snort like pigs adding a little more realism to the story. The only animals in the series that don't live in a normal human family habitat are Peppa's rabbit friends. They live in a burrow in the hill and still eat carrots, but the burrow is furnished as a child's expectations of a home and it does have windows. The only animals that are not anthropomorphic are the ducks and the tortoise, Tiddles.


George Pig Dressing Gown. boys hooded george pig