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You Probably Haven’t Considered Used Bridesmaid Dresses


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You Probably Haven’t Considered Used Bridesmaid Dresses

Most people know that budgeting a wedding can be a real cause of stress for everyone concerned including the bridesmaids. Some thrifty brides have come up with the novel idea of used bridesmaid dresses as a cheaper substitute to the brand new and dearer versions. Although this may save a bit of money you might want to consider the pros and cons first.

The first thing to consider is the girls. If you are having several for the occasion you might want to abandon this idea for used bridesmaid dresses as it's highly unlikely that you and your bridesmaids will find similar dresses for the special day.

Size is not such a major issue for child bridesmaids as it is for adults who come in large, tall or petite sizes which make it really difficult to find a dress that will fit everyone. However, if you have child bridesmaids of a certain age you should be able to find a woman locally who is able to make alterations quickly and at reasonable cost. If you are handy with a sewing machine then you may be able to do simple alterations yourself.

You will also have to consider how much spare time you have as what you may save in money you may spend in time. To start with used bridesmaid dresses can be a time-consuming venture on its own, especially if you are looking for identical dresses. On the other hand, you might want to use diverse tactics and allows your little bridesmaids to pick out their own inimitable second hand special occasion dress.

If you decide to go for this option, then all you will need is swatch of fabric for each of your bridesmaids indicating the colour that want to match your dress and the rest will be up to them. I know friends who chose this exact methodology for their bridesmaids and it worked brilliantly. They only had two little girls in their festivity so the dresses didn't need to be coordinate exactly.

Having said this, I was really amazed that the girls managed to find two second-hand bridesmaid dresses that were exactly the same colour and made by the same manufacturer. They looked incredible and they spent a small percentage of the money that they would have if they bought new dresses.

So if you are planning a small number of young bridesmaids for your wedding, then you might want to deliberate buying used bridesmaid dresses. Or, as mentioned before, if you are handy with a sewing machine and have plenty of time on your hands, you might like to make your own. There is nothing as unique as a handmade girls dress and I'm sure that your bridesmaids will appreciate them more.