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Jasper the Kitten is a Good Boy and Does What he is Told


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Jasper the Kitten is a Good Boy and Does What he is Told

Jasper the kitten peeped around the tree in the little park and giggled, the pendant on his collar glistening brightly in the sun. It was Saturday afternoon and he was playing hide and seek with his friends. The park was right next to the little white house where he lived with his family in the cosy cat tree in the lounge. As Jasper the kitten scampered to the apple tree that he and his friends decided was there playground, he heard "Jasper, dinner time!" Jasper the kitten waved goodbye to his friends and darted home. His tummy was starting to rumble and he couldn't wait to see what his mum had made for dinner.

As they sat down for dinner, Jasper the kitten excitedly reached for a piece of bread, and his mum said "Jasper the kitten, did you wash your paws before dinner?" Oh dear! Jasper looked down and saw that  he most definitely  hadn't. He was starving, but did what his mum told him and rushed off to wash his paws. Jasper the kitten knew this rule was important to keep his from getting sick. After dinner, he started to scamper to his room to read the adventure story he just started the night before, but his mum called out, "Jasper, would you clear the dishes off the table?" Jasper carefully carried the dishes to the sink while he told his mum about the fun he had in the park that afternoon with his friends. He told his mum that Eloise Kitten hadn’t done what her mum told her to do that morning, so she wasn't aloud to play at the park that afternoon. Jasper the kitten's mum said that although it's not always easy to do what you are told when you prefer to go and play with your friends,  it's vital that children obey their parents and their elders. "What on earth is an elder?" said Jasper the kitten.

"An elder is someone who is a reliable adult that is respected and you show them respect by listening to what they have to say and by being polite." Jasper asked his mum if he had to do what all adults said, recalling the lessons he learned about being cautious of strangers. His mum said, "Well, you need to learn the rules about strangers. It's OK to ignore an adult if they're a stranger and ask you to go somewhere with them, offer you sweets or ask you to do something that you know is not right."

That evening, Jasper the kitten sat down beside his pile of storybooks and was half way through an adventure story when his mum said it was time to brush his teeth and prepare for bed. "Just one more minute." Jasper the kitten called out and carried on reading, his whiskers twitched as the book was getting to the most exciting part. "No, Jasper the kitten, it's time for bed." Jasper hurriedly found a bookmark to mark his page and leapt up to do what he was told. He put on his blue stripe pajamas with the teddy bear motif and brushed his teeth. He grinned in the mirror. "Yes, good and shiny!" he thought to himself.

As Jasper the kitten said his prayers before going to bed, he was thankful for being able to do what he was told today  and to not protest or whinge once. At times it was difficult because he really wanted to play at the park longer, and he didn't like helping with the housework, or having to stop reading his book when it was just at the best part part. But he was pleased with himself because he had done what he was told.  Jasper the kitten understood that he had made his mum happy. He loved his mum lots and lots and knew that she loved him buckets and buckets, so he really wanted her to be pleased with him.