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  • first day First Day in New Home
    This is me on the first day in my new home.
    I travelled from Looe by train in a nice comfy
    zip up cat bag to Newquay Station
    I was quiet all the way and didn't cry at all.
    My new human seems very concerned about this.
    I have a big room and what seems like a very big
    chair to sit on plus all that a little kitten could ever
    need to keep her happy.
  • azrael developing character Developing Character!
    This photo was taken on the 13th October after one
    week in my new home. I think that you will be able to
    clearly see from this just how much my confidence is
    building. My new mum is much happier that I now
    have attitude. I find this very amusing and think that
    she has a lot to learn about me yet. I say just wait
    and see and watch this space! My coat is also changing and some very nice markings appearing.
  • my new house mate eloise My New House Mate, Eloise
    In the evenings I go downstairs to sit on my new
    mums lap and watch the moving box in the corner.
    This is where I was introduced to my new house
    mate, Eloise. She is a the oldest cat that I have
    ever met, ten and a half, which is much older than
    my mum was. She is an Abyssinian so she is very
    slender despite eating a great deal more than
    myself. At first I sit and watch her but curiosity
    soon gets the better of me.
  • I'm enjoying my life I'm Enjoying My Life
    Now at 5 months old, I am totally confident and into
    everything. You wouldn't know it from this photo but
    you name it and I have done it - sliding up and
    down the banisters, climbing up the door
    posts and then slithering down again and even
    hanging from the antlers high up in the hall way. If
    you want to learn more about me and my antics,
    then please take a look at my, "about me" page
    as well as the "Gallery" and "News" pages. There
    will always be something new as I intend to
    explore my world fully and live way beyond my
    nine lives.
  • christmas is fun Christmas is Fun
    Wow, the human holiday, Christmas is so much fun.
    I woke up to such wonderful smells although
    I wasn't initially sure where they were
    coming from. Then there was so much fun.
    Paper to tear to pieces and find treats inside.
    Cardboard boxes to jump in and out and chew on.
    Plus a very nice surprise in the garden which will be
    a work in progress for quite some time to come
    Not forgetting the food - Tasty Turkey and Duck!
  • teething means chewing Teething means Chewing
    I'm not sure that humans totally understand
    that teething is not at all pleasant for a little
    cat, my mouth tastes awful and they tell me
    that I have smelly breath and I must chew
    to get relief from the discomfort. I don't mind what,
    table or chairs cardboard boxes, my owners
    hands or even the Aloe. The plant is not harmful, but
    I don't think they like me having a chew at it. There
    is an article about teething on the website. I also
    enjoy scratching everything that I come across!
    This can be frowned upon as well!
    Especially as I have toys for this purpose.

Welcome to "My Name is AZRAEL"

Hello, I guess by now you know that I am called Azrael. I'm a little ginger kitten that was born on the 11th August 2016 which makes me a Leo, a full blooded "Leo the Lion". In fact that is what my original owners called me when they were planning to keep me. Read about my first visit to the vets so you can see what a bad idea this really was! Until the 6th October, I lived with a large family of other cats. They were my mum and dad and my brother plus another family of a more fluffier longer hair breed plus my human owners.

Our home was in a top flat set high up in Looe, Cornwall. I had a wonderful view from the lounge window which I have shown in the images below.

My owner decided to find a new home for me and so an advertisment with a photo was placed on the Internet. It seems that you get noticed quickly and can soon become a star on the thing that humans call the Internet. You can read more of my story on my ABOUT ME page and don't forget to take a look at the news items on the right hand side of this page.

my view the river in looe

I think that these photos are quite clever. Why don't you try them out as by rolling over with your mouse so that they will change from black and white to colour. (I've yet to learn that the word mouse and it's plural mice can mean a very tasty meal and a great deal of entertainment)

Latest News

Christmas 2016

My First Christmas

Christmas Day is wonderful, lots of nice smells and treats plus wrapping paper to shred and cardboard boxes to chew. Not forgetting the presents!

November 2016

I've Come out of my Shell

I have no idea why everyone was so worried because I was too quiet on our first meeting. A week later and I'm showing them that I'm the boss!.

October 2016 - February 2017

My Visits to the Vets

I have a wonderful Veterinary Practice. They love me and look after me really well. I don't understand why so many animals don't like the vets. My experience has been totally positive.

October 2016

My First Day

The first day in my new home seemed very strange to start with especially as I had come from a home that included two cat families.

Go to our News page to choose from lots of other stories about me.