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"My Friend Snowy"

The banner image above shows myself sitting watching the flickering box in the corner. You know the one that keeps you humans amused in the evenings. It was taken on 19th November 2016 when I was approximately four months old. The image below is of my friend Snowy. He lives in Lanivet which is not to far from here and relatively close to where I was born in Looe. I'm told that Cornwall is not very big and most places in it can be reached within an hour and a half. Not that I have a wish to go travelling. Up the road in a basket to the vets is quite far enough for me!

Snowy is a big handsome cat isn't he? What a big ball of fluff. I expect he has to spend more time grooming than I do. You can see that he enjoys having a snooze rather than watching the box in the corner. And I'm told that he enjoys garden sports, especially mousing. I've not seen a real one of those yet. I have to make do with a toy mouse and birdy. CLICK HERE to go back to the previous page.