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"My Friend Eloise"

The banner image above shows Eloise and myself was taken on 23rd November 2016 when I was just over four months old.

Eloise is almost 11 years old and a Blue Abyssinian by breed. I don't know to much about breed, but I think that she loves her little ginger moggy friend, well as long as I behave myself, which is very difficult for a little kitten. Especially one that seems to have a good deal of attitude in her genes. Eloise doesn't really like the winter and will only go out when persuaded to do so. You can see how beautiful she is in the image below, just like yours truely! She is happiest when the sun is shining and she can find a sunny spot to watch the birds and have a snooze. Myself, well I'm almost an all weather cat but really dislike those hail stones even when I'm just indoors as they sound very frightening when bouncing off the windows and you get no warning, do you? CLICK HERE to go back to the previous page.