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"My Name is AZRAEL" - About Me

Hello. This is my story from the time a stranger visited my home on 6th October 2016 and took me to a new home. I lived with a large family of cats and my humans. We weren't used to socialising with many outsiders, so we all hid away when she came in the room. However, one by one curiousity got the better of us and the fluffy cat who was the same age but much bigger than me, got real friendly. She was born into a different cat family. I am a ginger and proud of the fact that I look just like my mum. She came all the way from Bristol, you know. That is an awful long way for a cat to travel.

Once we were all accainted, the humans exchanged some money and I was placed into a new travel bag with hand made blankets in it. I was warm and cosy as we walked the short distance to the station. The train journey was about an hour long and then a car picked us up from Newquay Station. So that we all know what I am talking about on my website, I will call my new family by an initial, "M" for my new mum and "J" for junior, her very friendly adult son. I was very quiet, not wanting to make a fuss and remained so until the following day. This worried M but there really was no need for concern.

On arrival, I was taken to a large room and given some really tasty food and a drink. There were several litter trays and a choice of beds for me to sleep on and lots of toys. I was very tired so slept for awhile before coming downstairs to explore, but I didn't find out that I also had a new house mate for a few days. The following day I showed that I could vocalise. Its funny how they thought that I was too quiet as now I told that I am "yappy". It's very true, I simply love to talk and to be answered.

My new owners were told that I had been vet checked, wormed and flea treated so it was a big surprise to all when they took me to their vets for the first time and he spent a good deal of time examining me and called for a second opinion before saying that I was in fact a little girl. It seems this means that I am very special, well I knew that any way but apparently it's more common for a ginger cat to be a male. I said that I was like my mum didn't I?


Here are just a few features of my website. I hope that you will enjoy looking around. I also intend to get social and spread myself beyond just a website. You are welcome to join me on what I am told is called, "Social Media" i.e. Facebook and Twitter and to watch my videos on YouTube.

It took less than a week for my true character to emerge and so M and J decided that my name Azrael will be kept as it really suits me, well that's what they say and even the really nice veterinary nurse commented that I lived up to my namesake. This was after my I had spent a few hours in the vets after being spayed. Well, honestly, I just wanted the little boy in the next compartment to talk and to play with me. If you are a little confused, then perhaps I can illuminate - I was named after the cat in the Smurfs film. I'm certainly not a villian like the animation, just cute, adorable and very funny at times plus I do like to talk a lot.

There is so much more that you can read about me and lots of photos in my gallery to peruse. I try to have a cuddle with Eloise, my housemate each evening, but sometimes she pretends that she is asleep so I play games with J. I'm also known for exploring everything. What is it that they say, "Leave no stone unturned" - I don't. You will also be able to read about my garden and watch its development as well as some interesting articles aimed at cat owners. Incidently, that's what they call themselves but that's the ones that don't know the saying, "Cat's don't have owners, they have staff".

This reminds me that I must inform my staff that as soon as my Facebook page is set up they must like this page first

Click the link to watch the animation of the digital Azrael

Have fun because that's just what I intend.